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About Moto-Adventure SA

Moto-Adventure SA’s main focus is identifying and exploring local routes in the Cape Province, South Africa suitable for dual-purpose motorcycles as well as S.U.V’s.
Moto-Adventure SA is an organization with a focus on the family. Our main aim is to give families the opportunity to explore the back roads of the Cape Province, South Africa on their dual-purpose motorcycles or S.U.V’s, in an affordable way and a safe environment.

Why choose Motoadventure SA?

A scouting trip precedes each Moto-Adventure SA tour to ensure that the roads are of such a nature that even the inexperienced rider can, with ease and in full confidence, take his wife, friend or child with as a passenger on his dual-purpose motorcycle.

When camping, Moto-Adventure SA ensures that all meals, as well as the tented accommodation are in place, wherever the overnight stay may be. This type of convenience is an added bonus and a welcome sight for the tired participants when they reach their destination after a long day on the open road.

On each Moto-Adventure SA tour we put safety first; therefore no tour departs without a paramedic, a back-up vehicle, as well as a luggage vehicle that accompanies the motorcyclists on route. This ensures that each rider on the dual-purpose motorcycle enjoys a safe, comfortable and carefree journey to the destination.

  • We keep it affordable for the entire family and/or groups.
  • Comfortable routes are planned to accommodate everyone - from the most advanced rider to the individual starting out.
  • We share a joint passion and respect for nature.
  • We ride to enjoy it - not to show off.
  • Where possible, we explore the surroundings in depth.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the road.
  • Routes are thoroughly planned according to everyone’s needs.
  • Moto-Adventure SA tours are involved with various charity organisations.