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We put Safety First!

No tour departs without:
  • a Paramedica back-up vehicle and
  • a luggage vehicle 

that accompanies the motorcyclists on route.

This ensures that each rider on the dual-purpose motorcycle enjoys a safe, comfortable and carefree journey to the destination.

We are prepared and plan ahead!

A scouting trip precedes each Moto-Adventure SA tour to ensure that the roads are of such a nature that even the inexperienced rider can, with ease and in full confidence, take his wife, friend or child with as a passenger on his dual-purpose motorcycle.
  • We keep it affordable for the entire family and/or groups.
  • Comfortable routes are planned to accommodate everyone - from the most advanced rider to the individual starting out.
  • We ride to enjoy it - not to show off.
  • Where possible, we explore the surroundings in depth.
  • Routes are thoroughly planned according to everyone’s needs.

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